• Jak randkują Żydzi w Polsce?

    Jak randkują Żydzi w Polsce?

    Pomysł na ten tekst dojrzewał we mnie od paru lat, kiedy to będąc w Nowym Jorku, zapewne na jakimś spotkaniu, przysłuchałam się rozmowie kilku tamtejszych Żydów w wieku około trzydziestki, którzy narzekali – o zgrozo - na fakt, iż pomimo ogromnego wyboru nie mogą znaleźć sobie partnera. Read More

  • Jewish Dating in Poland

    Jewish Dating in Poland

    The idea for this text had been maturing in my head for a couple of years, when in New York, at a meeting surely, I was listening to the conversation of some local Jews, aged about 30, who were complaining, oh dear – that despite the great number of people available they could not find themselves a partner. Read More

  • Identity. Who is this polish Jew?

    The next topic I would like to consider is the issue of self-determination. For over a year, I have been collecting relations of people who are, one could say, interesting! Indeed, these are the witnesses of the history, this most dramatic one that could ever happen to a human – the history of suffering. Read More

  • Frank London of The Klezmatics - interview

    Frank London of The Klezmatics: ‘We can really live with the tradition. We don’t think it should be mummified’ Read More