After face to face meetings in USA

Klaudia Klimek

Klaudia Klimek

The founder of the Jewrnalism Organization. For the last 10 years she has been closely working with the Jewish community of Poland and particularly of Krakow.


Even though social media definitely dominate current contacts they will never replace face to face meetings in my opinion.

I just came back from one of the conference in Seattle of American Jewish Press Agency and I have a feeling of being enlightened. In two days I came up with new strategy for the next year of my foundation, I understood true mission of my project and I met personally editors of the Jewish American Newspapers with whom contact are crucial for my job. Everything this happened because, thanks to ROI for so called Micro Grant, I had a chance to speak, ask questions and have time to understand world of Jews in America.
I always underline how different Jews around the world are and that because of the country we live we have different understanding of people and places that surround us. I was sure that, no one knows why, Jews from America are curious what is happening with those in Europe. I always was among project leaders, entrepreneurs and some how I generalize their thinking to whole American Jewry. As came out from many talks with editors it is not like that. Most of their readers don't read and are not curious what is happening here on the other continent. The same unfortunately with editors. This situation brings me to my mind Holocaust and the way Jewish and non Jewish press described it. Not a lot articles, usually on the last pages, just few ,lines that mentioned some pogrom or Anti-Semitics attacks. Editors at that time, didn't believe in what they heard from reporters and later they were bored with all the time the same news from the war. It is very sad fact and even if I can not compare situations I have a little feeling that European Jewry is still neglected in some way by American Jewish Press.


We never will know what was first egg or chicken, I mean editors should publish articles about European Jewry and get use readers to reading about it or readers should force editors to publish more European content. It is like a closed circle. Last two years of my project- Jewrnalism, tried to break it and put more European content into American Jewish press, nevertheless I couldn't manage to do it in the way I dreamed. One of the obstacles was unprofessionalism and language that stopped editors from putting our content. Those are things that my project will not overcome nevertheless it doesn't mean that still I will not continue my mission. Maybe material from my reporters will not appear directly in newspapers but for sure it will be sent to all editors of American Jewish press and it will blow their mind of. It will take some time while editors will understand value of this content and maybe one day they will realize that Europe is not only about Anti-Semitism and small Jewish communities but as well about amazing innovative projects and different Jewish but in the same time non Jewish values.

That’s why it is sometimes worth taking a plane and fly across ocean 'just' to meet people. Thanks to ROI I had possibility to fly for a conference and stay in Seattle few nights, as well I would like to thank AJPA for sponsoring my conference attendance.

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