Jews visiting Central and Eastern Europe often come with stereotypes and prejudices about the region.
One major reason for this are the Innacurately negative and stereotypical images of European Jewry that appear too frequently in the Jewish media.

Jewrnalism is a network of young Jewish journalists from Central and Eastern Europe. It is also a multimedia info-activism platform which provides journalists with tools, ideas and inspiration todiversify and improve media coverage of the region. Jewrnalism offers their materials to Jewish American, Israeli and Western European media editors, both in video, online and print form, thereby expanding readers' awareness and understanding of contemporary Jewish life.
Klaudia Klimek - The founder of the Jewrnalism Organization. For the last 10 years she has been closely working with the Jewish community of Poland and particularly of Krakow. Klaudia's vision, as a sceptic and dreamer, is to promote a positive and realistic image of European Jewish communities. She has found her passion and a place to accomplish this vision by promoting young European Jews and their writing.


Jewrnalism started in August, 2011, in Stockholm as a Paideia Project Incubator project and developed during a Minyanim program launched by JAFI. I went to Sweden with vague ideas about my media project, but I knew exactly what I wanted to change and the kind of outcomes I wanted to achieve. My opinion about European Jews and our life here was based on several years of observation through two lenses. The first was the perspective of a person deeply involved in Poland's Jewish community, and the second was based on sociological analysis. I noticed different groups of European Jewry building borders between themselves and creating huge misunderstandings. Problems with and in education, propoganding existing stereotypes about Europe's Jews, merging current life with the story of the Holocust. I realized what was missing was most important. The other side, the important side, highlighting the creative, young and fresh voices of European Jewry and its relationship with tradition was not shown. I knew I had to show this side. With strong support from other entrepreneurs, social media, the internet, and lots of tenacity, I have created a network of young reporters who share this common vision and give voice to their Jewish communities.

Klaudia Klimek, Project Director

Having worked rather intensively with Klaudia both in Sweden and subsequently, I can state unreservedly that she is one of the brightest and most promising Jewish social innovators that I have known. Her skills and hard work has allowed her to take Jewrnalism from a mere idea to a reality in a matter of months. 2011 was my third year serving as a faculty member for the Project Incubator, and Klaudia’s project stands out as an example of just how much can be accomplished in a short time with a strong and determined leader. I am pleased to have served as her mentor and have looked on in pride as Jewrnalism has grown from an idea into a promising new initiative.

Joshua Avedon, COO & Director of Jumpstart Platform, Jumpstart LA